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Apulian monumenatal olive trees

This itinerary, crossing the GAL area ‘terre del primitivo’,is characterized by the presence of the monumental olive trees. The olive tree is the typical plant of the mediterranean landscape, both in the domestic(Olea europea var. sativa and in the wild variety (Olea europeavar. Sylvestris). The growing of olive trees spread out in the V-IV millenium B.C, and it came from Greece. This growing reached its peak during the villas and the roman imperial estates age. However, the origin of some of the oldest olive trees dates back the XVI century when the feudal seigniory created a sort of agricultural lands managment. The wild olive trees graft technique spread out. The oldest technique was called ‘curmuni’ (from greek  kormòs: trunk) and it was applied on old wild plants;  however the so called tèrmiti” (latino termes-itis: detached branch) was the most famous technique. It consisted on an exitirpation of young wild plants from maquis. In the 500 and 700 the oil  produced from these ancient olive groves reached the Mediterranean and the  North Europe harbors. These olive trees are defined monumental for their trunk size (from  70 cm to 1 metre) and because of their  shape some names have been given by people. Nowadays, the local agricultural  is characterized by the olive growing. In the province of Taranto  there are many varieties of olive trees such as  ”Coratina”  “Frantoio” and “Leccino”, even if the native varieties such as  (“Ogliarola from Lecce” and  “Cellina from  Nardò”) are the predominant among  Avetrana, Sava, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Fragagnano, Manduria, Maruggio, Torricella e Lizzano towns. Among  Torricella and  Maruggio centre  it is possible to cross the typical rural landscape of salento: the numerous green foliage sculptures can be admired among the dry stone walls. Furthermore in the nearby of the Torre Ovo countryside there are many typical buildings:  truddicasedde e pajari.

Total lenght: 23,5 KM.

Mode of transport: bike, car

Best period : Spring, Autumn

Are you passionate about archeology? On the Torre Ovo coast you can see an ancient dock emerging from the sea.

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