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Thanks to this itineary the tourist have the possibility to discover the typical characteristics of mediterranean maquis. The maquis is the spontaneous vegetation of the Gal area ‘Terre del Primitivo. The mediterranean maquis is characterized by evergreen shrubs and by plants with small leaves. The wood is formed by herbaceous plants, and shrubs such as : moss, mushrooms and lichens. One of the largest spontaneous  expanse of mediterranean maquis can be admired from the hill of Masseria Marina Piccola. Through  an internal path  (trekking or mountain biking) is possible to reach the  ‘Canale di S. Martino’, with its prehistoric caves and its wild nature. Another part of the path  crosses the dunes of jonic coast. The typical plants  of this  habitat are : the myrtle, (murtedda),  the wild pear (calapricopirascinu)  and the arbutus berry (frusciulu). Among other plants there are the blackthorn, the  service tree (sorbus) and the juniper. Between the haromatic herbs: the wild fennel, the mynth, the thymus, the rosemary, the sage and the oregano.  The area is an ideal habitat for many animals such as the fox  (Vulpes vulpes), the stone marten  (Martes faina), the hedgehog (Erinaceus  europeus), the barn owl (Tyto alba), kestrel  (Falco tinninculus), the owl  (Athene noctua),the  long eared owl (Podarcis silicus), the green lizard  (Lacerta bilineata), the  gecko from Egeo (Cyrtopodion kotschy),the  rat snake (Hierophis viridiflavus),the  (Elaphe quatuorlineata), the leopard snake  (Elaphe situla) and the toad (Bufo bufo).

Curiosity: in the local tradition, some of these plants were used for different practices. The myrtle was used for liqueurs and jams or as for flavoring the wine. The thymus was used for fire and for cooking ricotta.

Total lenght: 31,1 KM.

Mode of transport: bike, car, trekking

Best period: spring, summer

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